Social and Emotional Development

Your child learns to follow simple directions. Positive self-discipline techniques will be introduced. Your child learns to participate in simple routines. Your child will start to respond to praise.

Language and Communication Development

Your child will be encouraged to communicate simple experiences. Teachers will talk with and read to your child. Your child will learn songs, poems and the use of books. Your child will be encouraged to use role play and “pretend” games.

Cognitive Development

Your child will learn body parts and their names. Your child’s caregiver will introduce your child’s community and the people in the community. Your child will be introduced to primary colors and shapes. Your child will begin to learn about seasons, weather, holidays and monthly themes.

Gross Motor Development

Your child will engage in many motor movement activities such as jumping, crawling, rolling, running, walking,waving and climbing. Teachers will introduce riding toys and large building blocks. Your child will be encouraged to use large balls for throwing, rolling and basket games.

Fine Motor Coordination

Your child will start to use small drinking cups and spoons. Teachers will introduce large beads for stringing. Your child will be encouraged to use crayons, paint brushes and finger paints. Your child will explore the use of 3 and 4 piece puzzles, large pegs into pegboards, and shapes into shape boxes.