FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions from parents like you:

Q.  At what ages do your programs start?
A. Our Toddler Community is made up of children ages 16-months to 33 months. We can accept a child as young as 14 months so long as he/she is steadily walking and ready for a school environment. Likewise, a child may be ready to join our preschool as young as two and a half. In both cases, we will follow the child’s development and our staff will work together to make a determination about the child’s readiness. And with parent’s permission, we will get an exception from the state.

St. Paul's School is a mixed age class of children ages 33 months to 5 years (through Kindergarten). Children may be as young as 2.5 to join our preschool, so long as they are using the toilet independently and have demonstrated a readiness to advance.

Q.  Does my child need to be potty-trained before entering the preschool?
A. Yes, we do require that children are using the toilet independently before entrance into our Children’s House. This means that children must be in underwear during the day, as we do not have the facilities or the staff to accommodate diaper-changing or toileting issues (beyond the age of 33 months, per state licensing guidelines).

Q.  Is St. Paul's School a licensed childcare facility?

A. Yes. We are a licensed child care program through the Texas Department of Human Services. Type your paragraph here.

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