Separation From Parent

Starting school can be an anxious experience for both parent and child. The process of separation from the parent as the child enters and attends preschool is one of the most important accomplishments your child can learn. Each child reacts differently. As they mature they begin to identify themselves as independent personalities. In separating from you your child will learn:

  • To develop an interest in the activities of the preschool
  • To feel comfortable with others at preschool
  • To understand that their parents will come back and pick them up
  • To understand that all parents leave their child and come back for them
  • To understand that parents often must concentrate on their own interests and duties which separate and are different from those of the child’s

To help you and your child through this developmental stage may we suggest:

  • You see that your child is involved in a specific activity or is in the hands of one of his/her teachers before you leave
  • Tell your child when you are leaving
  • Say ‘Goodbye’ positively and leave the room quickly, avoid prolonged good-byes
  • Ask your teacher for help in separation

Your child’s crying is normal and is expected at this age. Crying is usually for the parents benefit and is their way of saying “Goodbye, I’ll miss you, I Love You.”

Your child will soon come to trust his teachers and feel comfortable with his new surroundings. We will keep you informed of his progress. Please feel free to call us any time to see how your child is adjusting. Our goal is to make your child’s transition to school a positive and happy experience for all.Thank you for entrusting your child to us!